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In developed organizations, the sense of health and self-confidence of employees and their families is one of the most urgent needs. Achieving the culture of mental and physical well-being in the workplace and extending the level of knowledge, insight and skill through effective and practical training in this field can result in the efficiency of the staff and, consequently, increase organizational productivity.


In order to respond to the need and the companionship of organizations in the field of excellence, Sina Institute with 3 decades of effective training in the field of education has been providing family counseling services with the participation of reputable institutions to the employees of organizations in the form of designing and planning of workshops.



Workshop Name




Basics of safety, health and the environment

Familiarity, identification and evaluation of safety, health and environmental aspects of the organization.

·         Understanding the importance of the system

·         HSE definitions and terms

·         Understanding the need for safety, occupational health and the environment

·         HSE crisis

·         Division and HSE hazard identification methods

·         HSE hazard risk assessment


Ergonomics in the workplace

Application of Ergonomic Principles in the Workplace

·         Ergonomic necessities and plans

·         Principles and rules of work physiology


Preparedness and response in emergencies

Identification of emergency situations in related industries


 Develop emergency response plans to minimize its effects


·         Protection of individuals and organizations in emergency situations

·         Emergency rescue operations

·         Required Medical Aid

·         Requirements for a readiness and effective response plan


Mental health in the workplace

Familiarity with the factors affecting the employees' mental health and ways of controlling them

·         Definition and Principles of Mental Health in the Workplace

·         Balance between work and life

·         Art of treating hard people

·         Cultural intelligence


Healthy Organizations; Healthy Managers and Staff

Paying attention to the importance of the role of managers in employee health and increasing organizational efficiency

·         Safe and secure workplace

·         Planning for the health and vitality of managers and staff

·         The Role of Safety and Health in Organizational Productivity and Human Resource Management


Health and nutrition at work

Maintaining employee health and efficiency increment

·         Common Diseases of Managers

·         The Role of Exercise and Mobility in the Health of Managers and Employees

·         Monitor the health of managers and staff

·         Nutrition at work and home


Sina Applied Science and Technology Center is one of the higher education and development institute, grants deferent types of degrees. It has started its educational and research activities since 1988 in order to meet the educational needs and research projects covered by the Mostazafan Foundation. It is one of the first Centers that issues Associate’s Degrees, Bachelor of Science in different disciplines by using experienced professors under the supervision of the Ministry of Science Research and Technology in the following fields:


  1. Information Technology Engineering - Information Technology
  2. Information Technology Engineering - Information Security
  3. Information Technology Engineering - Computer Services in the Municipality
  4. Information Technology Engineering - Web Programming
  5. Information Technology Engineering - Web Page Design
  6. Information Technology Engineering - Computer Hardware
  7. Associate’s Degree in Government Accounting
  8. Associate’s Degree in Tax Accounting
  9. Associate’s Degree in Decoration of Quarries
  10. Associate’s Degree in Computer Network
  11. Associate’s Degree in the Internet and wide area networks
  12. Associate’s Degree in Computer Systems
  13. Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming
  14. Associate’s Degree in the Labour Economics and Productivity

Parsian Applied Science Education Center is one of the first and most prestigious educational centers under the supervision of the Science and Applied University.


Having special educational facilities and outstanding professors, the university admits undergraduate and graduate students in the fields related to the growing tourism industry of the country and management under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.


 Considering the theoretical and practical training abilities of the Parsian Applied Science University and its relationship to the recreational centers of the Mostazafan Foundation, only those interested in acquiring knowledge and role in the growing tourism industry can register at the university.


 The coordinated disciplines approved by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology for admitted students in both undergraduate and graduate degrees include:


  1. Associate’s Degree of Ceremonies Management
  2. Associate’s Degree of Cookery
  3. Associate’s Degree of Confectionary
  4. Associate’s Degree of Hospitality
  5. Associate’s Degree of Tourism
  6. Associate’s Degree of Business-Exhibition affairs
  7. Associate’s Degree of Commercial Complex Management
  8. Associate’s Degree of Cultural Affairs
  9. Associate’s Degree of Public Relations
  10. Associate’s Degree of Business Management
  11. Associate’s Degree of Marketing
  12. Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management
  13. Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management
  14. Bachelor Degree in International Cooking
  15. Bachelor Degree in Iranian Cuisine
  16. Bachelor Degree in Cultural Affairs - Conferences and Festivals Management

Baqer Al-Olum (A) Plan

Empowerment in Skills and education


Honorable staffs’ families of the Islami Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation





The plan is based on the memorandum of understanding between Sina Training and Research Development Institute (on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation) and the Isiran Institute (on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics) in order to use the educational infrastructure and supplier chain of the Isiran Institute to provide educational services for the staffs’ families of the Islamic Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation and its partner organizations in the following plans:


Fanavaran Omid (Educational Assistance Services)

Multiple choice exams, Books, Educational CDs, Educational consultation and etc ... for all twelve  grades of school with more than 1,800 active agents nationwide.


Yavaran Omid (Providing Technical and Vocational Training)

Holding all vocational training courses with over 5,700 schools nationwide


Khebregan Omid (In-person Higher Education)

Organizing in-person teaching of management, information technology, foreign languages courses and etc with 550 active agents nationwide


Noavaran Omid (Virtual Education)

Organizing virtual and 24/7 courses in management, IT, language, stock market, and etc


Fanavaran Beinolmelal (In-person International Language Teaching)

Organizing in-person International Language Training Courses in partnership with the Top Educational Institutions nationwide


Advantages of Bagher Al-Olum’s (AS) Plan


  • The presence of the best educational institutions of the country
  • Diversity and variety of training courses
  • Discount (up to 40%)
  • Possibility to allocate subsidies and installment payments in (at the request of the organization)
  • Online Support via Call Center
  • Pre-existence of an efficient and long-term experience in implementing of such a project nationwide
  • Satisfaction of customer families from project services
  • Possibility to provide equal educational opportunities and job creation


With awareness of the needs and limitations of learners (especially staff and managers of organizations), and considering the tendency of users to video content in e-learning, the virtual training center of Sina Training and Research Development Institute offers the following visual and audio content in the following curriculums:


  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • General
  • Administrative
  • Cultural



Features of Sina Institute Virtual Training


  • Ease of use
  • Educational and technical support services
  • Commensurate with organizational training goals
  • Pervasive based learning
  • Utilizing the virtual classroom
  • Course designation by experienced and professional instructors



According to effective experiences in needs assessment, design, planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of training courses in large organizations, Sina Training and Research Development Institute has the potential to design and produce specialized training contents for organizations with their own collaboration.

Applied Science and Technology Center of Sina Training and Research Development Institute (Khorasan Razavi Branch)


 This training center started its activities in 2002 in the field of computer (Software Engineering) and accounting with the acceptance of 149 students. This center has been successful in educating students in more than 30 academic disciplines. Having a suitable education center in the central part of Mashhad city, it admits students for discontinued undergraduate and graduate programs for industrial and management education and social services departments.

This center has always been trying to take transcendental steps in the field of education in the province by improving the quality of education, using experienced instructors, educational and training facilities.


Organizational Structure


 Head of the Center


Office manager

Long-term education expert

Short-term education expert

Financial expert

Logistic support and workshops supervising


Head of the Center

Mr. Farzad Bahramzadeh


Mr. Bahramzadeh holds Master's degree in Mining Engineering from Amir Kabir University of Technology in Isfahan City. He has more than 23 years of experience in education business.


Honorary colleague in the field of education of NGOs and organizations (Mining Engineering Organization, Association of Fire Service Companies, Knowledge Coordination Center, Industry, Jewelry and gem stones market of Iran)


Distinguished instructors of the Center


  • Salah al-Din Nemat Allah, Director of the Banking Affairs and Accounting Department

 Mr Nemat Allah holds MBA degree from the Industrial Management Institute and has BSc in Banking Science from Iran Banking Institute of the Central Bank of Iran in Tehran. He has 30 years of experience in banking management in Saderat Bank. He is one of the prominent instructors of Applied Science and Technology University with more than 20 years of teaching experience in the banking sciences in the Mashhad branch for Banking and Financial Institutions.


  • Mohammad Reza Hosseini Amir Abadi, Director of Administrative Affairs Department


Mr. Amir Abadi holds a Master degree in Public Administration. He has more than 30 years of experience in Khorasan Razavi University and has been Deputy Head of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (Jahad Daneshgahi) for Mashhad branch. He also has been member of the Committee for the Development of Short-Term Training, and member of Research Council of Jahad Daneshgahi of  Khorasan Razavi Province. He has been among the best instructors of Applied Science and Technology University for several years.


  • Mahmoud Shakeri, Director of the Information Technology Department

Mr. Shakeri holds a Master degree in Information Technology. He has 15 years of educational experience in Applied Science and Technology University.


 Awards and honors


  • Certificate of Appreciation for Achievements and Capabilities of the Applied Science and Technology Centers Exhibition of Khorasan Razavi Province, 2006.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for the 3rd Research & Technology Week Exhibition of Khorasan Razavi Province, 2009.
  • Certificate of Appreciation the Literary and Contemporary Art Festival of Khorasan Razavi in ​​2009
  • Certificate of Appreciation for The fourth exhibition of research and technology week in Khorasan Razavi province, 2010.
  • Championship Certificate and Certificate of Appreciation for Mrs. Mahdieh Parvaneh for her third place in volleyball competition of the academic year, 2010.
  • Championship Certificate and Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Abdollah Hamidi for the championship of Academic Taekwondo competitions of the province, 2010.
  • Certificate of Appreciation of The fifth exhibition of Research & Technology Week in Khorasan Razavi Province in 2011.
  • Certificate of Appreciation to Mrs. Sima Kamali for the impressive effort for the week of research and technology Exhibition of Khorasan Razavi province, 2011.
  • Championship Certificate and Certificate of Appreciation to Mrs. Mahdieh Parvaneh for achieving second place in volleyball competitions of the academic year, 2011.
  • Certificate of Appreciation to Mrs. Farangis Farhrod, instructor of the Center for for the impressive effort to promote culture and education of the province, 2013.


University courses

Total number of current disciplines: 7 degrees, 2 bachelor degrees and 5 associate’s degrees.

Total number of graduates to date: 3850 in 31 fields

Number of current students: 255



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