The Sina Training and Research Development Institute was established in 1988 by the Ministry of Mines and Metals and has been active in the fields of education and research for nearly three decades. This institute has always tried to contribute to the promotion of academic knowledge and the upgrading of human capital skills in the country. Sina has been transferred to the Islamic Revolutionary Foundation since 2009 during the privatization process and now is a member of the Daneshmand Research and Development Holding Company of the Islamic Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation.


The long-term experience of the institute in training courses such as contracts management and affairs, financial affairs (banking and insurance), investment, energy (oil and gas), transportation services, information and communication technology, industry and mining, agriculture, roads and buildings, tourism and hotel management have fully recognized the needs of organizations and human resources.


Goals and missions of the Sina Institute


  • Improvement and promotion of the working system of public and private organizations
  • Provide optimization and improvement plans for organizations to develop managerial capacities
  • Provide educational and applied research needs based on problem solving


Institution Services

  • Organizing short and long term applied specialized courses
  • Organizing pre-employment tests
  • Consulting and research services
  • Implementation of educational, research, and operational projects in organizations


Contact with the institution

  • 15th floor, the main building of the Islamic Revolutionary Foundation, Resalat Highway

  • +9821-86088231

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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