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In developed organizations, the sense of health and self-confidence of employees and their families is one of the most urgent needs. Achieving the culture of mental and physical well-being in the workplace and extending the level of knowledge, insight and skill through effective and practical training in this field can result in the efficiency of the staff and, consequently, increase organizational productivity.


In order to respond to the need and the companionship of organizations in the field of excellence, Sina Institute with 3 decades of effective training in the field of education has been providing family counseling services with the participation of reputable institutions to the employees of organizations in the form of designing and planning of workshops.



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Basics of safety, health and the environment

Familiarity, identification and evaluation of safety, health and environmental aspects of the organization.

·         Understanding the importance of the system

·         HSE definitions and terms

·         Understanding the need for safety, occupational health and the environment

·         HSE crisis

·         Division and HSE hazard identification methods

·         HSE hazard risk assessment


Ergonomics in the workplace

Application of Ergonomic Principles in the Workplace

·         Ergonomic necessities and plans

·         Principles and rules of work physiology


Preparedness and response in emergencies

Identification of emergency situations in related industries


 Develop emergency response plans to minimize its effects


·         Protection of individuals and organizations in emergency situations

·         Emergency rescue operations

·         Required Medical Aid

·         Requirements for a readiness and effective response plan


Mental health in the workplace

Familiarity with the factors affecting the employees' mental health and ways of controlling them

·         Definition and Principles of Mental Health in the Workplace

·         Balance between work and life

·         Art of treating hard people

·         Cultural intelligence


Healthy Organizations; Healthy Managers and Staff

Paying attention to the importance of the role of managers in employee health and increasing organizational efficiency

·         Safe and secure workplace

·         Planning for the health and vitality of managers and staff

·         The Role of Safety and Health in Organizational Productivity and Human Resource Management


Health and nutrition at work

Maintaining employee health and efficiency increment

·         Common Diseases of Managers

·         The Role of Exercise and Mobility in the Health of Managers and Employees

·         Monitor the health of managers and staff

·         Nutrition at work and home


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