Baqer Al-Olum (A) Center

Baqer Al-Olum (A) Plan

Empowerment in Skills and education


Honorable staffs’ families of the Islami Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation





The plan is based on the memorandum of understanding between Sina Training and Research Development Institute (on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation) and the Isiran Institute (on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics) in order to use the educational infrastructure and supplier chain of the Isiran Institute to provide educational services for the staffs’ families of the Islamic Revolutionary Mostazafan Foundation and its partner organizations in the following plans:


Fanavaran Omid (Educational Assistance Services)

Multiple choice exams, Books, Educational CDs, Educational consultation and etc ... for all twelve  grades of school with more than 1,800 active agents nationwide.


Yavaran Omid (Providing Technical and Vocational Training)

Holding all vocational training courses with over 5,700 schools nationwide


Khebregan Omid (In-person Higher Education)

Organizing in-person teaching of management, information technology, foreign languages courses and etc with 550 active agents nationwide


Noavaran Omid (Virtual Education)

Organizing virtual and 24/7 courses in management, IT, language, stock market, and etc


Fanavaran Beinolmelal (In-person International Language Teaching)

Organizing in-person International Language Training Courses in partnership with the Top Educational Institutions nationwide


Advantages of Bagher Al-Olum’s (AS) Plan


  • The presence of the best educational institutions of the country
  • Diversity and variety of training courses
  • Discount (up to 40%)
  • Possibility to allocate subsidies and installment payments in (at the request of the organization)
  • Online Support via Call Center
  • Pre-existence of an efficient and long-term experience in implementing of such a project nationwide
  • Satisfaction of customer families from project services
  • Possibility to provide equal educational opportunities and job creation

Contact with the institution

  • 15th floor, the main building of the Islamic Revolutionary Foundation, Resalat Highway

  • +9821-86088231

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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